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High quality plastering
Venetian plastering also known as Venetian Polished Plastering, is gaining in popularity in London and is a beautiful alternative to a papered feature wall or a stunning replacement for tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. 

What is Venetian Plastering? 

Obviously, it originated in Northern Italy and notably in Venice, but it is known in the trade today as a plastering technique and can often be described as Marble or Polished plaster. 
The traditional method is to plaster on with a lime and marble dust, the colour coming from the marble chosen by the client. There are now synthetic based venetian plasters, which can look exactly like a traditional finish, a trained eye would be able to tell the difference and the budget would be quite different too. 
Wall Plastering
Wall Plastering
Wall Plastering

We only use traditional, natural, and eco-friendly venetian plasters 

At Expert Plasterers we were trained by highly skilled traditional venetian plasterers. We only ever use eco-friendly plasters, where the materials exclude any chemical additives. So many of the modern alternatives. 

Creating that exquisite marble finish 

The cost of marble is extremely expensive, and venetian plaster is a perfect alternative. A skilled plasterer can recreate the exact look of a marble pillar, or a bathroom or kitchen wall at a significantly cheaper price. 

Does Venetian plastering take longer, and does it cost more? 

Although the process of venetian plastering does take longer than normal plastered walls, you must factor in painting and decorating to a regular plastered wall. 
The other benefit of a venetian surface is its long-term investment; the surface will have a stunning finish, can be wiped clean and it does not age. 

Adding a level of opulence to a room 

At Expert Plasterers we recently applied venetian plaster to a ceiling, this was a time consuming and a very physical job, but the finish was exceptional. It entirely changed the look and feel of the room. You will often see Venetian Plastered walls: 
High end properties 
Spas and gym facilities 
Restaurants, galleries & designer retail outlets, 
As well as reception areas in London City and West End offices. 
Wall Plastering

What are some of the terms used to describe the style of venetian plastering finishes? 

Mamorino Plaster 
Stucco Plaster 
Lime Plaster 
Mable Plaster 
Travertine Plaster 

Venetian plastering can also be used on bathroom floors! 

Create a sensational looking wet room by using venetian plastering on all the walls, ceilings and the floors. The benefits of using polished plaster in a bathroom include: 
All the surfaces are waterproof. 
You will have a perfectly smooth grout free surface, low maintenance and easy to clean. 
Using a high PH lime, the surface will be anti-bacterial and antifungal. 
It creates a dramatic finish to any room, especially a wet room, shower room, bathroom or cloakroom. 

Can I learn how to Venetian plaster myself? 

Our team at Expert Plasterers have learnt the skills over many years, trained by master craftsmen and learning the many techniques of Venetian plastering. 
There are however some courses available in London where you can get taught these skills, although you will need to have a basic grasp of plastering. Here is a link to one of the elite Italian suppliers in London, they offer courses in London and Ireland Follow this link 
If you are looking for something special or a little different by using one of the styles of Venetian plastering, get in touch and talk to the team at Expert Plasterers
"Genuine guys, Experts at their trade. Highly recommended." 
Matthew Corr, London 
"Very professional from start to finish. 
Quality workmanship and helpful service." 
Dolan Cummings, London 
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