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Posts from August 2017

Professional decorators

Achieving the desired effect when decorating your property 

Achieving the desired effect when decorating is like a lot of things, easier said than done, or we could say in this case easier visualised than achieved. It is very common for a decoration project to be vastly underestimated in terms of time, labour and costs and is not uncommon for homeowners, or even tenants, to dig out them DIY overalls and take on the decorations head first. I mean it's just a couple coats of paint, how hard could it be right? In fact, it really isn't that hard if approached in the right way but it can be quite time-consuming, especially if not well experienced. Like many things, the secret is all in the prep and using the correct tools. Here you will find some tips that will help with your DIY paint job, and mistakes to avoid in order to achieve the quality finish you envisaged. 
Painting and decorating SOS
Example of a poorly planned and poorly prepped paint job 
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